Build around your Brand

Celebrities all over the world are using their status  as a platform to create other brands for themselves which is simply amazing. Whatever career you’re in, it’s important that  you  keep an eye out for other oppourtunites to facilitate wealth creation. Many of us have more than one thing that we are passionate about and it’s perfectly fine to use one passion to build on the other.

Some of our very own Jamaican celebrities have also ventured out into creating other brands here are a few of them:


  1. Shaggy – Cocoyac

Popular  international reggae artist Shaggy’s early last year  spearheaded the launch of  Cocoyac cognac liquor, the international artist  who says that he has equity in the drink. Shaggy says the drink, “It’s the first coconut cognac”.  I hope to see more from this brand as it takes off.

2.Konshens – Konz 876 


In 2013 Dancehall star Konshens made a power move with the launch of his shoe line Konz876. The brand featured shoes for both men and women. The brand created a wave at the time and got a lot of buzz.  The brand, however, was later discontinued in 2014.

3. Popcaan- Unruly Wear


Popcaan the Unruly one has taken is slang and turned it into a brand.  The recently turned entrepreneur launched his unruly wear brand in 2015 online and has been making power moves since.

4. Vybz Kartel – Street Vybz Rum – Daggering Condoms- Teachas Pet 

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Popular  Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel has always pushed the boundaries in entertainment expanding his brand by teaming up to create amazing partnerships. From the infamous Street Vybz Rum to Daggering condoms and a hit reality TV show Vybz Kartel has done it.  The brands were later discontinued and the reality show, only lasted for the one season. Kartel used these brands to his advantage, making the brands apart of him you couldn’t think about the brands and not think about the popular deejay and that work tremendously for the brand and the popular entertainer.


Whoever you are and whatever career or position you may be in life, it’s always possible to create a new stream of wealth creation, not only for yourself but those around you. Turning passion into profit is always good to have on the agenda. Don’t limit yourself  because whatever you are doing today will  impact or  benefit you in the years to come.


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