Top 10 Local Jamaican Social Media Comedians of 2015


2015 was and still is the year of Social Media Comedians. From Vloggers to Viners and Youtubers  these guys only purpose is to keep you laughing and sharing bring awareness to current issues. This new wave of comedic personalities is a true testament to how creative Jamaicans are.

If you aren’t familiar with some of these faces get use to them now.

  1. Quite Perry


From his very hilarious impersonation of  If Siri she Jamaican to the many different skits with the famous Patrica and others.  Quite Perry had us laughing none stop this year. Perry made himself a household name in the minds of many Jamaicans.

  1. Bella Blair


It’s safe to say Bella Blair is the  leading local female online comedian of the year. Bella had everyone me singing the Good Gyal Goodie Anthem, it was that good. She also used her social media presence lending awareness to the infamous Dead baby scandal doing a cover to Adele’s Hello. Bella and her alter ego Poonchie had us raving this year.

  1. Prince Pine


Prince Pine had us  moving  to his many catchy rhymes and his most popular song Gas Pan. He had us  laughing uncontrollably through this year. From his most many skits of what different  celebrities  did while in the studio, namely Vybz Kartel and Popcaan to cooking a low budget fancy meal Tin fish soaked in exotic tomato juice, sauté onion and hot exotic pepper. Pine had us rolling. Prince Pine not only had us laughing the young comedian released the pinemovement t-shirt line this year also. Young mogul in the making? I think so.

  1. Elli The Viner

2015-12-24 (2)

Vine Boss of Jamaica? Most definitely. From his many skits of what Jamaicans and Jamaican parents would do to his most recent ones of The Jamaican Avatar and his hilarious impersonation of self proclaimed Real Rich boss himself Tanto Blacks, Elli TheViner really made himself one of the top online social media comedians of 2015.

  1. Dutty Berry

2015-12-24 (3)

You might know him as the fast-talking very funny YouTuber who always has the 411 on what’s happening in Jamaica and the world it could be none other than  Dutty Berry. The Dutty Berry Show kept us informed and had the many the jokes coming.

  1. Kevin2wokrayzee


Your favourite Youtube OleEedyat once again had not only the jokes coming this year but being his very opinionated self as always Kevin2wokrayzee most definitely gave some of the memorable comedic moments of 2015.

  1. KyngTavii


From his very hilarious  Weedy And Cokey  to his Freaky Duppy skits and many others  KyngTavii had us rolling with laughter this year.The Youtuber definitely gave us much to laugh about this year.


  1. TwaniPrice2015-12-24

TwaniPrice had us constantly laughing  this year  from his impersonation of Alkaline, FettyWap, Tanto Blacks, our very own Jamaican DJs and so much more. TwaniPrice was not short on keeping the laughter going.


  1. Oneromone


Hands down OneRomone had some of the best Jamaican impersonations this year from skits Jamaicans Were In The Stadium like , Jamaican Taxi Drivers Be Like, Jamaicans on The News and one of his most recent ones Tanto Blacks In the Kitchen. There is no doubt that OneRomone certainly kept us entertained with his many skits this year.

  1. FatSkull


This year FatSkull had everyone thinking about how Kartel talked to himself in the studio making many hits trust me it doesn’t get much funnier than the Kartel Chronicles. His impersonation of Marcus Garvey and many of  Jamaican Parents will have you laughing non-stop. The PineMovement is nothing short of talent.


2015 gave birth to many new talents I can just imagine what 2016 holds for our many young and talented Jamaicans.

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