Local Fashion Brands to be the next big thing out of Jamaica.

We often hear the saying “For Jamaicans by Jamaicans”. It is one of the best feeling to support your own and help push our local fashion designers /brands. I’ve been very  impressed by the different brands I’ve seen thus far and hope that the brands keep growing. Each one of these brands has something about them which makes them stand out and I hope that these brands gradually continue to grow and hope more Jamaicans get into the habit of supporting our own.

So the next time you think of shopping locally here are some brands you can check out;

Hauser Guarda Clothing  

Hauser Guarda is a luxury streetwear brand. This brand pushes boundaries and never sticks to the norm. If you are looking for something that stand out and make a statement Hauser Guarda is that brand.

10175163_1552378575002981_289624930_n   10948966_1580146712223040_1781022920_n 10964079_433657816797167_130908878_n


Xperience Clothing

Xperience started off the year with their 2015 collection “Efflorescence”. Experience clothing gives effortless street wear style for both males and females, which  really stands out. From inception the Xperience brand has really come into its own and should definitely be on the your list the next time you thinking of shopping locally.

10357687_722844454499271_553466682487131439_o 10430874_722845454499171_2445079628255296032_n 11058372_722840264499690_7995749474696440314_o


As the name says Crazii Socks is about being bold and making a statement through footwear this brand is simply amazing because you get  to choose from different styles and different colours.

10952299_1780381048853975_3980989171361971424_n 1441166_1780381105520636_4828399669662477872_n  10749991_1730692193822861_4990768051012661972_o

Bromio by Burch

Stylish, Trendy and Exclusive are just some words to describe Bromio by Burch, the brand prides itself on being exclusive for both male and female. Bromio by Burch has a wide range of different styles from street wear to semi casual.

1658361_451053971712308_8960431675554608609_o    10700206_409292305888475_8915784563686406324_o   10511604_409292072555165_1768735890862494906_o


Club Diamonds

When one thinks of timeless classic style Club Diamonds is the first that comes to mind. Club Diamonds is a high fashion luxury brand which caters for the stylish man.

11021544_840413996005277_5901392752913135439_o     1606397_838582726188404_6299110270548983969_o      11018726_838609086185768_2041594479530200334_o

Shop Locally, Support Locally and Rep Jamaican brands to the fullest.

2 responses to “Local Fashion Brands to be the next big thing out of Jamaica.”

  1. Angelia P. Johnson Avatar
    Angelia P. Johnson

    Club Diamonds is definitely it. Such a breath of fresh air. I admire the young entrepreneur and hopes that he will soon do something for the ladies. Classy is it!!

  2. […] sehe mir mein anachronistisches Gedankengut nach. Bis es soweit ist (lies: möglicherweise nie), findet Ihr hier ein paar gegenwärtige Beispiele. […]

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