Creating an Experience

“Events You Remember for a Week ; Experiences You Remember For A Lifetime.” Over the past week some serious buzz was created around Major Lazer and Skrillex concert. For those who don’t know Major Lazer they are an Electronic dancehall production team . The team consist of  DJ/producer Thomas Wesley Pentz (aka Diplo) from Los Angeles; Trinidad-born Jillionaire; and Miami-based Walshy Fire of the Black Chiney sound system.

Earlier this year the Major Lazer team brought an experience like no other to UWI Mona Student’s Union  the reviews were crazy, patrons that where there had only good things to say about their awesome experience and before you know it Promoters couldn’t resist the multifaceted group that was Major Lazer and brought them back for a concert on December 20 , 2013


Breaking ground and doing an event with a difference utilizing the Major Lazer and Skrillex brand was pure genius kudos to the Promoters of the event. For me personally any event that satisfy patrons from start to finish in my book is a winner. The main reason why patrons go to events is to have a good time nothing else and coming up with creative ideas to make patrons actually want to come back to that event shows that as an event planner and promoter you are on the right track.

There are 3 things persons learn from the Major Lazer and Skrillex Concert They are ;  Branding , Executing and Creating an Experience.

Partner with brands that are going to give your product or the experience you create an extra advantage. It’s always good to see what’s trending In the world and try to create a piece of that into your event. The Major Lazer team not only came and perform but they brought their merchandise so patrons that where there could bring a piece of the experience back home after the event. This is also a way entertainers can learn from to utilize their brands.

Going through the event pictures the venue set up was executed at its best. Sponsors that were on board with the event highlight the event for what it really was. It’s always good when the brand which sponsors an event knows exactly what the promoter wants and helps to create to execute that plan in every way possible.

From the reviews I’m getting the event was a success and they came and they created an experience. That’s what events and entertainment is all about. Patrons want value for money and experiences that they wish to relive.


As a promoter, event planner or entertainer these are some of the moments you live for.

To all entertainment industry players get out , get creative , give patrons value you for money and create experiences. Remember “Events You Remember for a Week ; Experiences You Remember For A Lifetime.” 


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