4 Things to learn from the rise of Popcaan

Popcaan’s rise as an artist has been nothing short of  dream building from the get go to making them a reality. Here are four things you can learn from his rise as an artist:   Dreams do come through It was just  yesterday Popcaan came on the dancehall scene introduced to us by Vybz Kartel.Continue reading “4 Things to learn from the rise of Popcaan”

Local Fashion Brands to be the next big thing out of Jamaica.

We often hear the saying “For Jamaicans by Jamaicans”. It is one of the best feeling to support your own and help push our local fashion designers /brands. I’ve been very  impressed by the different brands I’ve seen thus far and hope that the brands keep growing. Each one of these brands has something aboutContinue reading “Local Fashion Brands to be the next big thing out of Jamaica.”

What attracts patrons to signature events?

“You are only as good as your last event.” Last Saturday I had the opportunity of going to Life of The Privileged – The Royal Experience hosted by Privileged Events and Entertainment. The event delivered not only an experience to patrons but one I could actually see myself going to again. It was the secondContinue reading “What attracts patrons to signature events?”

Importance of having an Entertainment Development Plan.

Throughout last year leading up to the 2014 I had the great opportunity of meeting and talking to some upcoming disk jock, artist and dancers and people who have been in the entertainment industry for a while and those who are planning to take their career to the next level. It was a honour toContinue reading “Importance of having an Entertainment Development Plan.”

Why You Should Do It Different!

I was recently at a panel discussion where the topic was navigating the music industry. While I was there  one of the things that stood out to me was a statement made by one of the panellist  he said “In order to be successful in any thing you do you have to do the following;Continue reading “Why You Should Do It Different!”

What Does It Mean To Raise The Bar!

Recently TheXfvctor released his new “Raise the bar” video series and I found it really inspiring  to know that a young Jamaican Disk Jock was taking a different approach to how the world see DJ’s.  As I watched the video more it lead me to ask the question “What Does It Mean to Raise theContinue reading “What Does It Mean To Raise The Bar!”