5 Creative Marketing Tips You Can Learn from Selecta Shane

“Just build your brand from day one, man. Your brand is your name, basically. A lot of people don’t know that they need to build their brand, your brand is what keeps you moving.”~Meek Mill


Selecta Shane has been around for some time now you might of heard him play at one of your favourite events from events such as Sundance, Beach Bums, Igloo, Osmosis, Smirnoff X.Clusive, Cabana City Reserve, Chillin on the Farm and the weekly Uber event at Club Privilege just to name a few.  When it comes to creative Marketing Selecta Shane brands stands out like no other.

Here are 5 creative Marketing Tips you can learn from Selecta Shane;

  1. Shamelessly Promote Your Brand

“No one is going to understand your brand better than you.” – Alexander Wang.

You know what your end game is, you know what you want your brand to become never lose sight of that. There is always an opportunity to promote your brand and show off its potential. Showcase your brand to the best of your ability. Believe in it ! Wear it! Promote it !

2. Social Media is KING!


Social Media has now changed the game in how your brand is seen by the world.  From facebook , youtube, twitter, instagram, snapchat, soundcloud and so much more  have provided a platform for brands which for many have become lucrative through these various platforms. Social Media today provides an oppourtunity for persons to journey with your brand through the highs, lows and many successes. Social Media is a mini portfolio of your brand so embrace amazing content to show.

3. Change with the Seasons


Seasons come and seasons go, with every season it gives you the opportunity to get creative with your brand having people wanting more. As a brand it’s up to you to get ahead of the market, showcasing what you have to offer. The seasons give your brand time to revamp itself. We know nothing stays the same forever, change is inevitable. Keep them wondering what  you have coming next.

4. Be Selective


Be selective with your brand its as simple as that. Not everything that works for every other brand will work for your brand. Look at is as knowing what’s best for your brand. Whatever you do now with your brand will be remembered by people for years. Every move you make is crucial in your brand moving forward.

5. OWN your brand.


You create an experience though your brand believe it or not, your brand is an extension of you through it persons get to know you. Own it because it’s yours, you created it from nothing  and made it something. Stay true to your brand, see it through that your brand is successful.





Your Ideas and Stories Matter

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Seth Godin, and Kanye West all have two things in common. They  talk about  Ideas and Stories.


Ideas become stories and it sets the tone for most of what we know or believe today.

So I was introduced to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie from  Ted Talks where I found her ideas and stories to be very captivating. She not only delivers an amazing Ted Talk but she’s also a Nigerian novelist, nonfiction  and short story writer. The Danger of a Single Story was a Ted Talk she presented on, after watching it  got me inspired. It led me to ask more questions and wanted more of an experience as it relates to  people as individuals and people from different nations. Most of what we know today is based on what we see on Social Media and what the media promotes which can be good and bad at the same time. The next time you’re about to share a story, make sure you’ve experienced it before or the one you share you’re extremely passionate about.  Life is too short not to share your ideas and stories with the world. Your ideas and stories can make a difference in someone’s life believe it or not. Ideas and stories have a way of making their way into the history books. Use your life to create your ideas and share your stories.


Seth Godin is an American author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker, He has  opened my eyes more to ideas first, with his books the Purple Cow and Unleashing The Ideavirus both an amazing book I would recommend you to read. He’s big on sharing your ideas and standing out being a pack from the rest, He thinks we should all strive to be a Purple cow.Normal is boring and goes unnoticed. Imagine yourself on a farm with different cows all the same in colour and height, do you think people would stop in amazement? I doubt it. Now picture yourself on the same farm as a Purple cow different from the rest now that’s worth stopping and talking about. Your ideas are important because they matter to you no matter how outside of the status quo, they are digging deep and make your ideas come to life. Who knows you might just be the next big thing in your industry.

onstage during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.
onstage during the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on August 30, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

If you know me, you know that I’m a big Kanye West fan because of the visionary he himself is and how much he pushes for everyone to believe in their selves.  In Kanye West 2015 VMAs  speech where  he received the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award,  he said, ” It’s about ideas, bro. New ideas, people with ideas, people who believe in truth.”  Putting your ideas together, creating your stories as you go by doing what you love and what you’re passionate about.  As individuals, it’s important for us to share your ideas and stories you may never know who along the way you might inspire.

I will be definitely sharing my ideas and stories with the world, I hope you do too.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. ” ~Marianne Williamson

Having a “Road map to Billboard” Mentality.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the final year seminar for  Edna Manley student Janel Jackson dubbed  “Roadmap to Billboard: The Artiste’s Compass”.  The seminar had three excellent guest speakers which highlighted some very important points which the whole entertainment industry can benefit from. The speakers were producer Icon , CEO of Icon Music group and Founder and Director of ‘ Listen Me News’ , Joan Webley of Nanook Enterprises and Talisa Taylor of Taylor Made Events and P.R. Management. The seminar enlightened me  about how the Roadmap to Billboard is one which everyone in the entertainment industry should take serious. The 14 parishes mentality is now out the door and we should think and act internationally on all levels. If we  start doing that it will change the game forever. Having a Road Map to Billboard mentality is very vital to not only the industry itself, but to every brand that is in it.  Additionally,artiste, producers,  djs/selectors, live events , awards shows and  fashion all of which plays a significant role in the development of the road map to billboard. Many are leading the charge and I think it’s up to everyone in the industry to follow and keep the quality of the Jamaican entertainment industry alive. Only a  few have been able to crossover to billboard success and maintain it. The first thing which we should all note is that every brand is different and should be treated as such what works for one doesn’t work for all.


The guest speakers shared some insightful points which include;

Soundtrepreneur Icon shed some light on the imporatnce of finding different ways to make money from your passion where he stated that the most important ‘P’s’ which are Passion and Profit. It is also very important that as a brand you are showcasing quality, owning your craft and know the lane that you are in. When developing your brand it’s very important that you know exactly where you want to take your brand.  What brands you want to be aligned with and how you can strategically  utilize your brand and making it bigger and better.


Protecting your brand is of critical importance this includes  making sure that you are constantly  researching on how to make your brand safer and more marketable, Joan Webley of Nanook Enterprises stated. It’s important that as a brand you own your brand and know exactly what it entails so you don’t get cut short. So this is  all about knowing the different laws and contracts which govern your industry.


Talisa Taylor of Taylor Made Events spoke about the importance of Promotion, Packaging and Media. Forever one  it’s important that we make a good first and last impression, making sure that our last impression leaves a lasting impact. How you present yourself as a brand sets the tone for everything. Talisa also stated that its the small things that count such as making sure that the image connects with the information you want persons to receive.Make sure that you promote and develop your brand to the best of your ability.


After all the speakers were done presenting we were treated to delightful performance from upcoming artist Ashain his debut single Unbreakable. I must say raw talent at its best and someone who I can most definitely  see on the forefront of the entertainment scene to come. You can also check out his EP Launch April 23 at the Redbones Blue Cafe.


“We ignore the talent down the road because we know them personally, but support the talent abroad who we’ll never know. Support local talent and industries where you can”

4 Reasons Why Chromatic has been Doing It Right

Chromatic “The Ultimate” a name synonymous with delivering high expectation where music is concerned.  The Chromatic DJ Group has been doing right for some time now. The group has become a staple brand on the  Jamaican event and entertainment scene. Not only are they well known locally, but they have a presence on the international scene as well.From high energy mixes to a sensational online series, which takes us into the life and what really goes on behind the scene of the group. Chromatic has kept relevant to their many fans across the world and just keeps on delivering. The group consist of Creep ChromaticNiko Chromatic, Shantoni Chromatic, Heavy D Chromatic and JR Chromatic. Chromatic as a brand has really set the standard which should be followed as it relates to quality and how any DJ group should brand and carry themselves.

So  you now ask yourself why has Chromatic been doing it right? Here are the reasons.

“The Ultimate” Branding   

The key element of any brand is to make sure that your brand is memorable and Chromatic has done just that from their YouTube Fast Life series and their tagline “the ultimate” every time you hear chromatic the ultimate you know what to expect. Branding is about being fun and creative and also standing out in a market where everyone is going for the top spot. As a brand it is very important that you stand out in whatever you do from your logo to where ever you want to take your brand. Also remember that ever BRAND is different and it is up to you to show people the difference with your brand.




Chromatic has developed a presence on social media which they use to their advantage, keeping their many fans in the loop of what is taking place. Image is very important and the group has always made sure that whatever they put out will grab one’s attention. Marketing is also about believing and investing in your brand. If you don’t believe in what your brand no one else will. When marketing your brand, think about what you would like to see do your research and make it happen. It is up to you to show people why your brand should be the preferred choice.



They are Consistent

Being consistent from inception Chromatic has  done just that from the events, mxtapes and their famous  fast life series. As a brand you always have to come up with something that will keep your fans wanting more and never drop the level of quality that which you started with. Keep the momentum going for as long as you can.



They are Relatable

The fast life series has really grown, for those who have watched the series online you get to see what goes behind the scenes where the DJ’s are concerned the YouTube series was a  creative and an innovative way of letting fans know what becoming  a DJ entails and moving around. Social media has really made it easy to relate to your target market and chromatic has done just that. As a younger generation of talent is being introduced to the music business Chromatic has been an inspiration.


“To have talent is one thing , to develop it and take it to the next level is a next.”- Unknown

Local Fashion Brands to be the next big thing out of Jamaica.

We often hear the saying “For Jamaicans by Jamaicans”. It is one of the best feeling to support your own and help push our local fashion designers /brands. I’ve been very  impressed by the different brands I’ve seen thus far and hope that the brands keep growing. Each one of these brands has something about them which makes them stand out and I hope that these brands gradually continue to grow and hope more Jamaicans get into the habit of supporting our own.

So the next time you think of shopping locally here are some brands you can check out;

Hauser Guarda Clothing  

Hauser Guarda is a luxury streetwear brand. This brand pushes boundaries and never sticks to the norm. If you are looking for something that stand out and make a statement Hauser Guarda is that brand.

10175163_1552378575002981_289624930_n   10948966_1580146712223040_1781022920_n 10964079_433657816797167_130908878_n


Xperience Clothing

Xperience started off the year with their 2015 collection “Efflorescence”. Experience clothing gives effortless street wear style for both males and females, which  really stands out. From inception the Xperience brand has really come into its own and should definitely be on the your list the next time you thinking of shopping locally.

10357687_722844454499271_553466682487131439_o 10430874_722845454499171_2445079628255296032_n 11058372_722840264499690_7995749474696440314_o


As the name says Crazii Socks is about being bold and making a statement through footwear this brand is simply amazing because you get  to choose from different styles and different colours.

10952299_1780381048853975_3980989171361971424_n 1441166_1780381105520636_4828399669662477872_n  10749991_1730692193822861_4990768051012661972_o

Bromio by Burch

Stylish, Trendy and Exclusive are just some words to describe Bromio by Burch, the brand prides itself on being exclusive for both male and female. Bromio by Burch has a wide range of different styles from street wear to semi casual.

1658361_451053971712308_8960431675554608609_o    10700206_409292305888475_8915784563686406324_o   10511604_409292072555165_1768735890862494906_o


Club Diamonds

When one thinks of timeless classic style Club Diamonds is the first that comes to mind. Club Diamonds is a high fashion luxury brand which caters for the stylish man.

11021544_840413996005277_5901392752913135439_o     1606397_838582726188404_6299110270548983969_o      11018726_838609086185768_2041594479530200334_o

Shop Locally, Support Locally and Rep Jamaican brands to the fullest.

What attracts patrons to signature events?

“You are only as good as your last event.” Last Saturday I had the opportunity of going to Life of The Privileged – The Royal Experience hosted by Privileged Events and Entertainment. The event delivered not only an experience to patrons but one I could actually see myself going to again. It was the second staging and the promoters went all out to make sure that patrons enjoyed every moment of it and that is really what events are about. A successful event comes  about from connecting with every single patron who walks through the doors or venue of your event. Life of the Privileged is definitely a Signature event in my book .

There are three (3) things in my view that makes an event a Signature one. They are ; Paying Attention to Detail , Becoming a Social Butterfly throughout your Event , Delivering Beyond Expectation.


Paying Attention to Detail

Paying Attention to detail is really about the smaller things which puts the whole entire event package together. However, most persons over look this aspect of the event. Events are NOT just about booking the hottest djs  and venue, it is more detailed than that. After coming up with the concept of your event stick to it  don’t side track the event and branch of into a whole new concept. It always about doing something extra so that the patrons feel exactly what you are promoting.



Becoming a Social Butterfly throughout your Event

Becoming a social butterfly throughout your event is a very simple but it involves dedicated tasks, it’s all about ENGAGEMENT. Engaging prospective patrons, creating a full buzz around your event. The main aim is to have persons talking about your event before and after. When persons start to plan their schedule around your event that’s when you know you are on target.  This is where your full marketing plan for your event comes in , letting persons see and hear what you are promoting. Always remember that your event is a brand and you have to sell you brand in the best way you know how to.


 Delivering Beyond Expectation

“Never over promise and under deliver”, far too many time some promoters and event planners tell their loyal patrons that they’re going to have something at the event and they end up not giving what they said they would. We know that things can happen in the space of getting an event together, if something does not work out please advise your patrons it’s simple courtesy and showing patrons that you do care. People will always remember the smaller things we tend to overlook. Delivering beyond expectation doesn’t have to be over the top its simply just having what you said you would and something extra. Keep it simple and don’t give away too much surprises of the event.


Go out and create that signature that event people want to see. Remember when you host or plan an event you are now operating on an international level the world is now watching. Get Creative and Deliver.


Photos Courtesy of

J-Dash Labs

UP Urban Photography


Importance of having an Entertainment Development Plan.

Throughout last year leading up to the 2014 I had the great opportunity of meeting and talking to some upcoming disk jock, artist and dancers and people who have been in the entertainment industry for a while and those who are planning to take their career to the next level. It was a honour to hear some of these stories how people want to take their careers to the next level as I listened it became clear what was missing from their development plan.

Everyone that wants to take their career to the next level it is of utmost importance that you have a strong plan. That plan will guide  you in the direction that you want to go. The development plan is tailored specifically for you. No one plan is the same because everyone has a different outlook on they want to do and where they want to go.

The development of any one brand or entity is very critical . Also, how that brand position its self to the market will show what that brand is really about and where it intends to go. It’s not just about creating a brand it’s about creating a lifestyle and a movement people can follow, interact with and relate to.


“You can’t know where you’re going until you know where you’ve been” – Unknown

One of the most important things as you start your journey towards your goal is define the main objective you can ask yourself these three questions; where you are now? , Where do you want to go? And what will it take for you to get there?.


After you have done all of that.  It’s up to you to set goals and try to meet those goals based on where you want to take your career. Don’t be afraid to try with your ideas. No Idea is never too big or too small.  If you have a product , service or brand that you want to let the world know about its up to you to tap into the market that is looking for that of what you offer and just build on it. As a brand it’s up to you to make sure that you dedicate time and effort which means getting the actual work done.

In this day and age no one will offer you what you want if you can’t prove to them you deserve it  and  that you have what it takes to reach to the top.  Don’t get complacent and complain that resources are not available. Always remember the industry that you are in is always growing and there is someone like you ready and hungry to get to that same spot where you want to you reach but it’s up to you to get out of your comfort zone and make things happen.


“You have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have.”- Rowan Pope

Your destiny is in your hands. Do what you love work for what you want and the rest will follow. 

The Art of Creating an Event.

Events these days can generally be consider as an art because off all the planning and the work that goes in behind the scene to make the event an unforgettable experience. One of the things that gets me really excited as an event planner and promoter is to see actual work been done by other event planners / promoters as it relates to new ideas and living up to patrons expectation. Never promise what you can’t and will not deliver it hurts your event and your brand in the long run.  Here are few tips you can take into consideration to make your next event one to remember.

Do Your Homework

Every event is different and should be treated as such. Doing your home work as a an Event Planner /Promoter means you have to clearly define the main objectives of the event and do the necessary research which means going to other events to see how best you can improve on yours , learning from other people mistakes will always keep you on step ahead of the game. Getting creative which means bring something patrons have not yet seen or to make sure whatever the idea you have planned  is  well executed . Google is your friend , don’t be afraid to google information to help you pull off your next event always remember originality is key.


Know Your Target

One of the most important things as an event planner is to know your target audience and target aim of your event as it relates to sponsorship . The type of event you are hosting will give a clear indication of who you want to come to your event and what persons should expect. It also always good to play with your ideas who know your event may attract a new following.

Major lazer


Offering More Than You Say You Would

Are patrons making sure your event fits in their social calendar ? When this starts to happen you know you are delivering a quality experience to patrons . Its very important that when planning for an event you always under promise and over deliver its critical because every year there are approximately 20-50 new events comes on the scene . You not only want to make the event a success but you want to make sure patrons take away with them an experience.




Go BIG or step aside , one of the really creative things about planning events is that you can go BIG with your ideas and see them actually come to realization and from once you have developed the concept that says “ NO IDEA IS NEVER TOO SMALL” then you will have learn a every important part as a Event Planner.


Pay Attention to Detail

Its not all about the money ….. lol just kidding but it is  most important that you have to love and have a passion for want and do.  All of this makes it easier. Too many times events just bring home the same concept over and over not seeing nothing new as Event planners/promoters you have to look what the patrons are gravitating to and see how best you can drop that element in your event. Seeing the event from the patrons angle will help and improve on what needs to be done and giving them what they want to see and hear not what you as the promoter them to see and hear. It also give a good platform for patrons to connect with your brand.


Make your EVENT an EXPERIENCE. Events you remember for a week; experiences you remember for a lifetime.

Creating an Experience

“Events You Remember for a Week ; Experiences You Remember For A Lifetime.” Over the past week some serious buzz was created around Major Lazer and Skrillex concert. For those who don’t know Major Lazer they are an Electronic dancehall production team . The team consist of  DJ/producer Thomas Wesley Pentz (aka Diplo) from Los Angeles; Trinidad-born Jillionaire; and Miami-based Walshy Fire of the Black Chiney sound system.

Earlier this year the Major Lazer team brought an experience like no other to UWI Mona Student’s Union  the reviews were crazy, patrons that where there had only good things to say about their awesome experience and before you know it Promoters couldn’t resist the multifaceted group that was Major Lazer and brought them back for a concert on December 20 , 2013


Breaking ground and doing an event with a difference utilizing the Major Lazer and Skrillex brand was pure genius kudos to the Promoters of the event. For me personally any event that satisfy patrons from start to finish in my book is a winner. The main reason why patrons go to events is to have a good time nothing else and coming up with creative ideas to make patrons actually want to come back to that event shows that as an event planner and promoter you are on the right track.

There are 3 things persons learn from the Major Lazer and Skrillex Concert They are ;  Branding , Executing and Creating an Experience.

Partner with brands that are going to give your product or the experience you create an extra advantage. It’s always good to see what’s trending In the world and try to create a piece of that into your event. The Major Lazer team not only came and perform but they brought their merchandise so patrons that where there could bring a piece of the experience back home after the event. This is also a way entertainers can learn from to utilize their brands.

Going through the event pictures the venue set up was executed at its best. Sponsors that were on board with the event highlight the event for what it really was. It’s always good when the brand which sponsors an event knows exactly what the promoter wants and helps to create to execute that plan in every way possible.

From the reviews I’m getting the event was a success and they came and they created an experience. That’s what events and entertainment is all about. Patrons want value for money and experiences that they wish to relive.


As a promoter, event planner or entertainer these are some of the moments you live for.

To all entertainment industry players get out , get creative , give patrons value you for money and create experiences. Remember “Events You Remember for a Week ; Experiences You Remember For A Lifetime.” 


Why You Should Do It Different!

I was recently at a panel discussion where the topic was navigating the music industry. While I was there  one of the things that stood out to me was a statement made by one of the panellist  he said “In order to be successful in any thing you do you have to do the following; “ Be the first to do it , Be the best at it or do it Differently” .

What will set you apart from the rest is your ability to not only think outside the box but to act outside the box. Sometimes person really do want to do things differently but their local mentality holds them back so much. Start thinking internationally, start thinking big that’s the only way you will be able to make a difference with your brand or entity. Bring something new to the table and if you can’t bring something new reinvent the wheel but do it big.

Recently a new talented Jamaican artiste Samantha J did it BIG with her hit single Tight Skirt which is still going strong over the world. Not to stop there,  Samantha J and her team did things differently as it relates to promotion of her new single which would be a career defining move for her. Samantha  J went on a US East Coast Tour to promote her new single her tour brought her to some  Top 40 radio stations, including 95.7 the Beat, WPEG Power 98, WJHM 102 Jamz, and the iconic WPGC radio station in Washington DC.

According to Gary Bernstein of Oceanic Tradewinds noted that, “Currently, over 50 radio stations in the US are playing Tight Skirt, reaching an listeners so far of over 2 million people. Some leading US radio stations playing Tight Skirt are HOT 97 New York, POWER 105 New York, WJMN Boston, WPGC Wash/DC, WRDW Philadelphia, and WEDR Miami, just to name a few. This is in addition to video play on MTV, BET, and many other video outlets.”


As a DJ , Artiste or a Business person , this show the potential of thinking outside the box and acting outside the box. Create and do things no one else wouldn’t think possible. Create local tours , create Caribbean tours , create campaigns that will see you connecting to your target market. Think about your brand and where you want to take it and Be the first to do it , Be the best at it or do it Differently.

ImageRemember to check out Smantha J on BET’s 106&Park next week, December 9th! Don’t miss it! #TightSkirt  

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