3 Things you can learn from Chronixx as a Brand.

Popular Reggae Revivalist Chronixx now one of the leading acts in this new Reggae movement have managed to create a new wave in  reggae music. Inspiration to many and certainly have garnered international attention from many.

Here are three things you can learn from Chronixx as a brand;


1)Use Your Brand As a Platform to Support and Promote Others 


In 2014 performing on  NBC’s The Tonight Show, with Jimmy Fallon. He performed his hit single “Here comes trouble” from his album The Dread & Terrible project.  The singer used the opportunity to showcase some of his fellow Reggae Revivalist members’ songs  Jesse Royal Modern Day Judas and Jah9’s Reverence to complete his set. As a growing brand it’s important that you support others where you can, it goes a long way. Promote others and create an environment where the support of your fellow colleagues comes naturally.


2) Keep it Local


Chronixx and the Zic fence crew presented the second staging of the Capture Land Tour, which was held in three different locations across Jamaica. As an artist it is important that you keep it local and remember where you started and always build on that. You can keep it local by simply staging your own local events for your many fans.


3) Stay true to your brand. 


Your brand will be tested time and time again, always remember to stay true to it. Chronixx has always promoted positivity through his music and sticks to his core with social issues through music, creating timeless music that will last a lifetime to come.  Your brand is you and it could be no more ever so true. Think about your brand and where you want to take it and stick to what you believe in. However,  in an industry which is always changing you have to change with it, but your change or growth as an artist should not hinder or compromise your core values.


Building a brand is never easy, it’s constant work and more work, but once you’re truly passionate about whatever you do it will pay off in the long run. Always remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and everything is a working progress.

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  1. I found this very interesting. I always enjoy reading your blogs.

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