4 Reasons Why Chromatic has been Doing It Right

Chromatic “The Ultimate” a name synonymous with delivering high expectation where music is concerned.  The Chromatic DJ Group has been doing right for some time now. The group has become a staple brand on the  Jamaican event and entertainment scene. Not only are they well known locally, but they have a presence on the international scene as well.From high energy mixes to a sensational online series, which takes us into the life and what really goes on behind the scene of the group. Chromatic has kept relevant to their many fans across the world and just keeps on delivering. The group consist of Creep ChromaticNiko Chromatic, Shantoni Chromatic, Heavy D Chromatic and JR Chromatic. Chromatic as a brand has really set the standard which should be followed as it relates to quality and how any DJ group should brand and carry themselves.

So  you now ask yourself why has Chromatic been doing it right? Here are the reasons.

“The Ultimate” Branding   

The key element of any brand is to make sure that your brand is memorable and Chromatic has done just that from their YouTube Fast Life series and their tagline “the ultimate” every time you hear chromatic the ultimate you know what to expect. Branding is about being fun and creative and also standing out in a market where everyone is going for the top spot. As a brand it is very important that you stand out in whatever you do from your logo to where ever you want to take your brand. Also remember that ever BRAND is different and it is up to you to show people the difference with your brand.




Chromatic has developed a presence on social media which they use to their advantage, keeping their many fans in the loop of what is taking place. Image is very important and the group has always made sure that whatever they put out will grab one’s attention. Marketing is also about believing and investing in your brand. If you don’t believe in what your brand no one else will. When marketing your brand, think about what you would like to see do your research and make it happen. It is up to you to show people why your brand should be the preferred choice.



They are Consistent

Being consistent from inception Chromatic has  done just that from the events, mxtapes and their famous  fast life series. As a brand you always have to come up with something that will keep your fans wanting more and never drop the level of quality that which you started with. Keep the momentum going for as long as you can.



They are Relatable

The fast life series has really grown, for those who have watched the series online you get to see what goes behind the scenes where the DJ’s are concerned the YouTube series was a  creative and an innovative way of letting fans know what becoming  a DJ entails and moving around. Social media has really made it easy to relate to your target market and chromatic has done just that. As a younger generation of talent is being introduced to the music business Chromatic has been an inspiration.


“To have talent is one thing , to develop it and take it to the next level is a next.”- Unknown

2 responses to “4 Reasons Why Chromatic has been Doing It Right”

  1. Good work over the year chromatic
    Slap weh

  2. This was a good read. The way in which this entertainment entity presents itself to the world is beyond ordinary and its good to know that they are been recognised for their hard work. Chromatic in my opinion is indeed the ultimate.

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