What attracts patrons to signature events?

“You are only as good as your last event.” Last Saturday I had the opportunity of going to Life of The Privileged – The Royal Experience hosted by Privileged Events and Entertainment. The event delivered not only an experience to patrons but one I could actually see myself going to again. It was the second staging and the promoters went all out to make sure that patrons enjoyed every moment of it and that is really what events are about. A successful event comes  about from connecting with every single patron who walks through the doors or venue of your event. Life of the Privileged is definitely a Signature event in my book .

There are three (3) things in my view that makes an event a Signature one. They are ; Paying Attention to Detail , Becoming a Social Butterfly throughout your Event , Delivering Beyond Expectation.


Paying Attention to Detail

Paying Attention to detail is really about the smaller things which puts the whole entire event package together. However, most persons over look this aspect of the event. Events are NOT just about booking the hottest djs  and venue, it is more detailed than that. After coming up with the concept of your event stick to it  don’t side track the event and branch of into a whole new concept. It always about doing something extra so that the patrons feel exactly what you are promoting.



Becoming a Social Butterfly throughout your Event

Becoming a social butterfly throughout your event is a very simple but it involves dedicated tasks, it’s all about ENGAGEMENT. Engaging prospective patrons, creating a full buzz around your event. The main aim is to have persons talking about your event before and after. When persons start to plan their schedule around your event that’s when you know you are on target.  This is where your full marketing plan for your event comes in , letting persons see and hear what you are promoting. Always remember that your event is a brand and you have to sell you brand in the best way you know how to.


 Delivering Beyond Expectation

“Never over promise and under deliver”, far too many time some promoters and event planners tell their loyal patrons that they’re going to have something at the event and they end up not giving what they said they would. We know that things can happen in the space of getting an event together, if something does not work out please advise your patrons it’s simple courtesy and showing patrons that you do care. People will always remember the smaller things we tend to overlook. Delivering beyond expectation doesn’t have to be over the top its simply just having what you said you would and something extra. Keep it simple and don’t give away too much surprises of the event.


Go out and create that signature that event people want to see. Remember when you host or plan an event you are now operating on an international level the world is now watching. Get Creative and Deliver.


Photos Courtesy of

J-Dash Labs

UP Urban Photography


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