The Art of Creating an Event.

Events these days can generally be consider as an art because off all the planning and the work that goes in behind the scene to make the event an unforgettable experience. One of the things that gets me really excited as an event planner and promoter is to see actual work been done by other event planners / promoters as it relates to new ideas and living up to patrons expectation. Never promise what you can’t and will not deliver it hurts your event and your brand in the long run.  Here are few tips you can take into consideration to make your next event one to remember.

Do Your Homework

Every event is different and should be treated as such. Doing your home work as a an Event Planner /Promoter means you have to clearly define the main objectives of the event and do the necessary research which means going to other events to see how best you can improve on yours , learning from other people mistakes will always keep you on step ahead of the game. Getting creative which means bring something patrons have not yet seen or to make sure whatever the idea you have planned  is  well executed . Google is your friend , don’t be afraid to google information to help you pull off your next event always remember originality is key.


Know Your Target

One of the most important things as an event planner is to know your target audience and target aim of your event as it relates to sponsorship . The type of event you are hosting will give a clear indication of who you want to come to your event and what persons should expect. It also always good to play with your ideas who know your event may attract a new following.

Major lazer


Offering More Than You Say You Would

Are patrons making sure your event fits in their social calendar ? When this starts to happen you know you are delivering a quality experience to patrons . Its very important that when planning for an event you always under promise and over deliver its critical because every year there are approximately 20-50 new events comes on the scene . You not only want to make the event a success but you want to make sure patrons take away with them an experience.




Go BIG or step aside , one of the really creative things about planning events is that you can go BIG with your ideas and see them actually come to realization and from once you have developed the concept that says “ NO IDEA IS NEVER TOO SMALL” then you will have learn a every important part as a Event Planner.


Pay Attention to Detail

Its not all about the money ….. lol just kidding but it is  most important that you have to love and have a passion for want and do.  All of this makes it easier. Too many times events just bring home the same concept over and over not seeing nothing new as Event planners/promoters you have to look what the patrons are gravitating to and see how best you can drop that element in your event. Seeing the event from the patrons angle will help and improve on what needs to be done and giving them what they want to see and hear not what you as the promoter them to see and hear. It also give a good platform for patrons to connect with your brand.


Make your EVENT an EXPERIENCE. Events you remember for a week; experiences you remember for a lifetime.

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