Why You Should Do It Different!

I was recently at a panel discussion where the topic was navigating the music industry. While I was there  one of the things that stood out to me was a statement made by one of the panellist  he said “In order to be successful in any thing you do you have to do the following; “ Be the first to do it , Be the best at it or do it Differently” .

What will set you apart from the rest is your ability to not only think outside the box but to act outside the box. Sometimes person really do want to do things differently but their local mentality holds them back so much. Start thinking internationally, start thinking big that’s the only way you will be able to make a difference with your brand or entity. Bring something new to the table and if you can’t bring something new reinvent the wheel but do it big.

Recently a new talented Jamaican artiste Samantha J did it BIG with her hit single Tight Skirt which is still going strong over the world. Not to stop there,  Samantha J and her team did things differently as it relates to promotion of her new single which would be a career defining move for her. Samantha  J went on a US East Coast Tour to promote her new single her tour brought her to some  Top 40 radio stations, including 95.7 the Beat, WPEG Power 98, WJHM 102 Jamz, and the iconic WPGC radio station in Washington DC.

According to Gary Bernstein of Oceanic Tradewinds noted that, “Currently, over 50 radio stations in the US are playing Tight Skirt, reaching an listeners so far of over 2 million people. Some leading US radio stations playing Tight Skirt are HOT 97 New York, POWER 105 New York, WJMN Boston, WPGC Wash/DC, WRDW Philadelphia, and WEDR Miami, just to name a few. This is in addition to video play on MTV, BET, and many other video outlets.”


As a DJ , Artiste or a Business person , this show the potential of thinking outside the box and acting outside the box. Create and do things no one else wouldn’t think possible. Create local tours , create Caribbean tours , create campaigns that will see you connecting to your target market. Think about your brand and where you want to take it and Be the first to do it , Be the best at it or do it Differently.

ImageRemember to check out Smantha J on BET’s 106&Park next week, December 9th! Don’t miss it! #TightSkirt  

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