Pick Up & Run With These Current Dancehall X Soca Hits! — 13th Street Promotions

Some current crossovers to keep you active!

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@SpiceOfficial: The Dancehall Queen Of The Stage! — 13th Street Promotions X @KingDavidJWill

We salute the “Stage Show Boss” in this post. As the saying goes, “Give people Flowers while they can still smell them”. Big up Spice! The Throne for the Dancehall Queen is currently vacant, and there could only be one who ascends to claim her rightful place at the top of Dancehall. The genre is […]

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2016 Was Really @TheAlkaline’s Year, You Just Have To Live With That.

13th Street Promotions

Yeah I said it. The Artist born Earlan Bartley has been gaining some traction in Dancehall Music over the years. Despite the controversies, he still manages to have a large fan base, plenty bookings, and hit songs. With his buzz starting around 2013, he first caught the attention of many with his Music Video for “Not A Slack Song”. The video, which scored high on the raunchy scale, was met with a huge backlash online with many writing him off as an Artist who had to use controversy to get a “buss”. The songs that followed further got his name buzzing for better, or for worse.

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4 Things to learn from the rise of Popcaan

Popcaan’s rise as an artist has been nothing short of  dream building from the get go to making them a reality.

Here are four things you can learn from his rise as an artist:


  1. Dreams do come through


It was just  yesterday Popcaan came on the dancehall scene introduced to us by Vybz Kartel. Back then he was said to be one of the underdogs from the Gaza/Empire camp years later  the unruly boss found his  voice and  is now one of the leading Dancehall acts of today. In one his debut single DREAM Popcaan said “All a dis come in like its a dream”  years later dreams come through. In 2015, Popcaan was also named artist of the year by popular Jamaican entertainment site Dre1 Alliance Entertainment.


2. Study the ones who came before you   

“The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.”  -Michael Jackson

It’s clear that Popcaan learnt couple things from the business side of entertainment from his mentor Vybz Kartel. Using your brand as a stepping stone in the right direction. Popcaan now has his own entertainment group, Unruly Entertainment where he’s currently signing new artists his first  artist was Chi Ching Ching officially signed to the group last year. The new entrepreneur has also gone into merchandising  with Unruly Wear.


3. Your time will come


Looking back on where Popcaan is coming from who would have thought that he would be one of the leading Dancehall acts of today, with international collaborations and yearly hits. It just is a true testament that as an individual you have to believe in your brand , constantly work on your craft and steadily grow.


4. Believe in your brand


Your brand is a reflection of you, believe it or not, people can tell if you’re faking it or in it to make it. Stay true to your craft and just build on whatever is there already. As a growing brand if plan A doesn’t work out they’re 25 more letters in the alphabet don’t stop until you get it right. The Popcaan we know and see today is one who have grown before our eyes and is the artist many of us come to rate and respect today.

3 Things you can learn from Chronixx as a Brand.

Popular Reggae Revivalist Chronixx now one of the leading acts in this new Reggae movement have managed to create a new wave in  reggae music. Inspiration to many and certainly have garnered international attention from many.

Here are three things you can learn from Chronixx as a brand;


1)Use Your Brand As a Platform to Support and Promote Others 


In 2014 performing on  NBC’s The Tonight Show, with Jimmy Fallon. He performed his hit single “Here comes trouble” from his album The Dread & Terrible project.  The singer used the opportunity to showcase some of his fellow Reggae Revivalist members’ songs  Jesse Royal Modern Day Judas and Jah9’s Reverence to complete his set. As a growing brand it’s important that you support others where you can, it goes a long way. Promote others and create an environment where the support of your fellow colleagues comes naturally.


2) Keep it Local


Chronixx and the Zic fence crew presented the second staging of the Capture Land Tour, which was held in three different locations across Jamaica. As an artist it is important that you keep it local and remember where you started and always build on that. You can keep it local by simply staging your own local events for your many fans.


3) Stay true to your brand. 


Your brand will be tested time and time again, always remember to stay true to it. Chronixx has always promoted positivity through his music and sticks to his core with social issues through music, creating timeless music that will last a lifetime to come.  Your brand is you and it could be no more ever so true. Think about your brand and where you want to take it and stick to what you believe in. However,  in an industry which is always changing you have to change with it, but your change or growth as an artist should not hinder or compromise your core values.


Building a brand is never easy, it’s constant work and more work, but once you’re truly passionate about whatever you do it will pay off in the long run. Always remember Rome wasn’t built in a day and everything is a working progress.

Build around your Brand

Celebrities all over the world are using their status  as a platform to create other brands for themselves which is simply amazing. Whatever career you’re in, it’s important that  you  keep an eye out for other oppourtunites to facilitate wealth creation. Many of us have more than one thing that we are passionate about and it’s perfectly fine to use one passion to build on the other.

Some of our very own Jamaican celebrities have also ventured out into creating other brands here are a few of them:


  1. Shaggy – Cocoyac

Popular  international reggae artist Shaggy’s early last year  spearheaded the launch of  Cocoyac cognac liquor, the international artist  who says that he has equity in the drink. Shaggy says the drink, “It’s the first coconut cognac”.  I hope to see more from this brand as it takes off.

2.Konshens – Konz 876 


In 2013 Dancehall star Konshens made a power move with the launch of his shoe line Konz876. The brand featured shoes for both men and women. The brand created a wave at the time and got a lot of buzz.  The brand, however, was later discontinued in 2014.

3. Popcaan- Unruly Wear


Popcaan the Unruly one has taken is slang and turned it into a brand.  The recently turned entrepreneur launched his unruly wear brand in 2015 online and has been making power moves since.

4. Vybz Kartel – Street Vybz Rum – Daggering Condoms- Teachas Pet 

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Popular  Dancehall artist Vybz Kartel has always pushed the boundaries in entertainment expanding his brand by teaming up to create amazing partnerships. From the infamous Street Vybz Rum to Daggering condoms and a hit reality TV show Vybz Kartel has done it.  The brands were later discontinued and the reality show, only lasted for the one season. Kartel used these brands to his advantage, making the brands apart of him you couldn’t think about the brands and not think about the popular deejay and that work tremendously for the brand and the popular entertainer.


Whoever you are and whatever career or position you may be in life, it’s always possible to create a new stream of wealth creation, not only for yourself but those around you. Turning passion into profit is always good to have on the agenda. Don’t limit yourself  because whatever you are doing today will  impact or  benefit you in the years to come.


What Next? ….

2015 is almost over  doing some reflecting, thinking about all that is to come. I think the most important thing I’ve learnt this year is not to dwell on the past too much because it will and can consume you. Believe in your abilities and don’t try to get stuck in one zone too long. If you find out something has become a daily habit which leads to no progress come out of your comfort zone and push towards something much more fulfilling. In the world where one can get easily consumed by material things and can easily become antisocial, good friends and family are all we need to tell us the truth to chill with and laugh at the hard times. Always remain true to yourself no matter what in the end you only have you.


To 2016 and beyond hold your dreams closer than ever before and see to it that you make them happen. One of my favourite quotes to date says, ” Please: Do everything you possibly can in one lifetime.”- Kanye West   For 2016 “Don’t let excitement make you announce things prematurely. Be silent until you’re sure and even when you’re sure, don’t give too much away..”- Unknown. We live in a time where it’s easy to post every move you’re making, allow certain things to remain in silence and let your success do the talking.  “Be crazy and don’t seek too much advice on what you propose to do.”  – Michael Dell.

The universe is yours for the taking DREAM Larger than you ever did before, apply yourself to your dreams and make them happen because I know I will. Be You, Be Awesome, Be Thankful.

See You in 2016 Doing Amazing Things

Look out for Massive Link Entertainment and all my other projects this year.

Blessings – David J. Will


Top 10 Local Jamaican Social Media Comedians of 2015


2015 was and still is the year of Social Media Comedians. From Vloggers to Viners and Youtubers  these guys only purpose is to keep you laughing and sharing bring awareness to current issues. This new wave of comedic personalities is a true testament to how creative Jamaicans are.

If you aren’t familiar with some of these faces get use to them now.

  1. Quite Perry


From his very hilarious impersonation of  If Siri she Jamaican to the many different skits with the famous Patrica and others.  Quite Perry had us laughing none stop this year. Perry made himself a household name in the minds of many Jamaicans.

  1. Bella Blair


It’s safe to say Bella Blair is the  leading local female online comedian of the year. Bella had everyone me singing the Good Gyal Goodie Anthem, it was that good. She also used her social media presence lending awareness to the infamous Dead baby scandal doing a cover to Adele’s Hello. Bella and her alter ego Poonchie had us raving this year.

  1. Prince Pine


Prince Pine had us  moving  to his many catchy rhymes and his most popular song Gas Pan. He had us  laughing uncontrollably through this year. From his most many skits of what different  celebrities  did while in the studio, namely Vybz Kartel and Popcaan to cooking a low budget fancy meal Tin fish soaked in exotic tomato juice, sauté onion and hot exotic pepper. Pine had us rolling. Prince Pine not only had us laughing the young comedian released the pinemovement t-shirt line this year also. Young mogul in the making? I think so.

  1. Elli The Viner

2015-12-24 (2)

Vine Boss of Jamaica? Most definitely. From his many skits of what Jamaicans and Jamaican parents would do to his most recent ones of The Jamaican Avatar and his hilarious impersonation of self proclaimed Real Rich boss himself Tanto Blacks, Elli TheViner really made himself one of the top online social media comedians of 2015.

  1. Dutty Berry

2015-12-24 (3)

You might know him as the fast-talking very funny YouTuber who always has the 411 on what’s happening in Jamaica and the world it could be none other than  Dutty Berry. The Dutty Berry Show kept us informed and had the many the jokes coming.

  1. Kevin2wokrayzee


Your favourite Youtube OleEedyat once again had not only the jokes coming this year but being his very opinionated self as always Kevin2wokrayzee most definitely gave some of the memorable comedic moments of 2015.

  1. KyngTavii


From his very hilarious  Weedy And Cokey  to his Freaky Duppy skits and many others  KyngTavii had us rolling with laughter this year.The Youtuber definitely gave us much to laugh about this year.


  1. TwaniPrice2015-12-24

TwaniPrice had us constantly laughing  this year  from his impersonation of Alkaline, FettyWap, Tanto Blacks, our very own Jamaican DJs and so much more. TwaniPrice was not short on keeping the laughter going.


  1. Oneromone


Hands down OneRomone had some of the best Jamaican impersonations this year from skits Jamaicans Were In The Stadium like , Jamaican Taxi Drivers Be Like, Jamaicans on The News and one of his most recent ones Tanto Blacks In the Kitchen. There is no doubt that OneRomone certainly kept us entertained with his many skits this year.

  1. FatSkull


This year FatSkull had everyone thinking about how Kartel talked to himself in the studio making many hits trust me it doesn’t get much funnier than the Kartel Chronicles. His impersonation of Marcus Garvey and many of  Jamaican Parents will have you laughing non-stop. The PineMovement is nothing short of talent.


2015 gave birth to many new talents I can just imagine what 2016 holds for our many young and talented Jamaicans.

Talent that goes unnoticed

What is talent? Some say it’s a gift from God others say Talent is something that one has to be born with. Talent for me is combined with passion. To have the talent is one thing, but to have the passion that goes with it unlocks a new level in how you view it.

I saw this quote some time back which says “We ignore the talent down the road because we know them personally, but support the talent abroad who we’ll never know. “ If you think about it’s somewhat true believe it or not, most people not all, support you when you’ve reached a certain stage of success and that’s perfectly fine. Your day one supporters’ are the ones who saw your talent long before the world did and pushed you to embrace it. Talent goes unnoticed for hype and lack of substance many times. Then again, talent is in the eyes of the beholder, viewer or  listener. We all have different preferences, but it doesn’t mean our interest in what consider as talented is less than another.


Relying on your talent alone gets you only as far as through the front door these days the rest is up to you. One of the main reasons talents goes unnoticed is because some  persons with the talent feel entitled. Just because you have it doesn’t mean you should not put in the work to maintain it, by constantly promoting yourself and your interest.  In an episode of the popular hit series Scandal Rowan Pope said to Oliva:” You have to be twice as good as them to get half of what they have.” and if you think about it to reach your ultimate goal whatever it maybe you have to put in twice as much work. Simply, don’t rely only  on your talent to do the work for you. Believe in all your abilities no  matter how small they may seem if it’s important to you it’s important. Embrace your goals and create something amazing.


“Be led by your talent, not by your self-loathing; those other things you just have to manage.”
― Russell Brand 



Why Tv Stations and Cable Providers should Invest in more Local Shows and Content

An island full of talented people why should our content be cut short for more international content? I can speak for myself when I say more local content is the way to go, we spend the majority of the year buying rights to shows that have little or no impact when could invest that same money into producing more relatable local content. With a competitive international market with international shows and  movies, our local market  should be given the same advantage on  the very few local mediums that we have.

More local content would eliminate things like this …..

One of the reasons we get cable is to watch some of these same shows and movies on international TV not local, it defeats the whole purpose when you can’t watch a show or movie at a particular time. For most of the time, it’s always a delayed broadcast or a season behind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for showing international content and events which our fellow Jamaicans partake in, such as the Olympics, World Championship Games , Miss World and Universe contents just to name a few However, I believe more can be done creating and showing  more local content which includes movies, TV shows, cartoons and reality TV.

More local content can open a whole new market for Jamaican media and entertainment industry and birth many new talents. I was recently drawn to a new local TV show called Real Friends which inspired me to look into all the many oppourtunities that can come from producing more local content.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

From our very own controversial reality TV shows and cartoons we’ve come a far way and we need to continue in that direction. Great strides have been made, but more can be done.

As we grow as a nation I would love to see more of our local talents shine on the big screen. The space is there for it and now more than ever Jamaicans local and abroad are craving more authentic Jamaican content, from inspirational, entertainment, reality and cartoons the oppourtunities are limitless.


“Nations, like plants and human beings, grow. And if the development is thwarted, they are dwarfed and overshadowed.”- Claude McKay

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